Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

When you come into the clinic with an injury we will perform a thorough assessment on the injury as well as why it happened in the first place.

Typically with our athletes we see injuries occur due to dysfunction in the kinetic chain. If the body is not moving well in one area, lacks stability, strength or mobility, another area of the body takes over and becomes overworked and over-stressed, causing injury. In our assessment we’ll use standardized tests and measures as well as slow motion video to pinpoint exactly where compensations are occurring.

So whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, soreness, pain and injury can quickly derail your efforts to reach your fullest potential. When sports injuries happen, your goal is to heal quickly, safely, and get back to the top of your game with an eye on preventing future injuries.

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“Jamie was one of my go-to physical therapists in San Diego as I trusted his clinical skills as well as his ability to communicate with our patients. I received many positive comments from my patients at their follow-up visits. I was sad to see Jamie leave San Diego because we were losing an excellent therapist and an excellent person.”

Dr. Alan Shahtaji, Sports Medicine Specialist